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Gold Necklaces for Women



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Women’s style is a unique one, that’s why this adorable necklace with a personalized engraving is a must have piece. You just can’t go wrong with this one. Choose from 1 and up to 4 discs hanging on a single delicate chain, engrave your children’s initials, your husband’s date of birth, or anything else. Add numbers, symbols and letters as you need.



The perfect little initial necklace ♡ Classic and shiny, perfect for everyday look and as a cute gift to your loved one!

  • Available in 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver or Rose Gold Filled.
  • Super delicate high quality chain, jump rings and clasp.
  • Gentle disc 3/8″ (9.5mm) diameter, with a shiny finish.
  • Available with a single, double, triple or four discs on the same necklace.

Please select your necklace length in the checkout options box:

  • Pic2: Our model has XS neck and wears 18″ length.
  • Pic6: Our model has XS neck and wears 16″ length.
  • You can measure your neck for your perfect length, the standard length is 18″.

Make your jewelry special by custom engraving on it, we can engrave initials, letters, numbers & symbols. You can specify what to engrave during checkout by adding a note in the following example format:

Engrave the letter 'D', uppercase, Font 1

Or if you have selected the 2, 3 or 4 disc options:

Disc1: letter 'D', uppercase, Font 1
Disc2: letter 'a', lowercase, Font 1
  • You can find font options in pic#3.
  • We can engrave up to 2 characters on this disc (3 characters will look very small).
  • Please be specific about lower/upper case letters.
  • If no engraving was submitted during checkout – we will prepare a blank disc.

Please enter your engraving instructions during checkout (in your cart) and follow the guidelines in the example above. Be sure to enter the text exactly how you want it to be engraved.


We will package your order in a beautiful and elegant gift box ♡
If you are purchasing multiple items, we will package them all together in the same box. If you need separate boxes for your items, please leave us a note at checkout.

Returns & Exchanges

Please Note: Personalized items cannot be returned or exchanged. Returns & Exchanges Policy


Our processing time is 2 – 5 days and shipping time is usually 8 – 14 business days. We use expedited international shipping with tracking number, please note that these periods are estimated and can take longer.

If you need an item by a specific date, please contact us prior making your order. Shipping Policy.


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Yes, with the addition of an extender, you can add it to your cart when you order.

These are called bead letters. The chain slides through a hole inside the 3d shaped letter bead, unfortunately we don’t have these yet in our product line, but keep your eyes open for our upcoming new products.

For a large jewelry order, it’s possible to engrave with your own design to create a personalized necklace or bracelet per your special needs. We would be able to create a special personalized initial necklace with custom font of your choice or have your brand logo engraved on our bar necklaces.

We don’t, but if you make a large company order we might be able to manufacture custom made personalized necklaces, bracelets, pendants or other type of jewelry for men. It will be tailored to your specific needs. We can change the disc size and chain thickness for that matter.

We can personalize your necklace in English. However if you have a special wholesale order and need other languages then please contact us. Please provide us with full details on what you want to engrave.

We use the smallest and most dainty initial discs, size 9.5mm so it should look fine. See our photos for demonstration. We can have each initial its own disc, or we can engrave double initials on the same disc.

We can’t, currently we engrave on just one side of the initial disc.

No, we use 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled, 925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold (Solid Gold) to create the personalized initial disc necklaces or bracelets. We don’t use plated discs since they can tarnish or loose color over time.

We can engrave a maximum of 3 characters on our smaller discs that we use in our silver & gold initial necklaces. These initial discs are 3/8″ wide causing a limit to the length of your engraving, decreasing the font size will make the text look too small.

Our bigger discs sized 1/2″ can have up to 6 characters and can fit longer words. An uppercase or lowercase initials doesn’t usually affect the character limit but there are exceptions. Thinner characters can make room for even four initials, especially if you have multiple occurrences of “i”, “I” or “l”.

If you have two or three initials you want to engrave you can go fine with our 3/8″ disc. For anything longer we suggest the option of a double initial necklace where we attach multiple discs to your chain. Your message can then be split between these two or three discs.

See the examples below how we can take longer engravings and shorten them:

03.12.2017 —> 3.12
Emma Loves Mike —> E ♡ M

See the examples below how we can use two or three discs to engrave your inscription:

Mom ♡ —> (Mom) (♡)
Erika ♡ John ♡ Mom —> (E) (J) (♡) (Mom)

Eventually it’s up to you which option to choose: to have a small and dainty single/multiple discs or a bigger disc and longer messages on your initial necklaces.

Types of metals we use

Gold Filled

Gold Filled items have a much more thicker gold layer than regular gold plating, 100 times thicker than usual flash plating and 10 times thicker than our premium 2 micron plating of our pendants. Gold Filled items are much more valuable and are reasonably priced as a quality alternative to solid gold. Actually 5% of the entire metal is made with 14k solid gold. Most of the time Gold Filled jewelry will last several years, and with the right treatment will stay bright and beautiful.

Sterling Silver

Our silver jewelry is 925 Sterling Silver, sourced from the United States, it can come in a shiny or satin finish.

Gold Plated

Some of our pendants are Gold Plated Sterling Silver with 2 Micron of thickness, our personalized jewelry’s plated versions come with 3 Micron of Gold Plating on top of brass (such as our bars & disc jewelry)

Types of chains we use

We use high quality Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled & Sterling Silver chains. We don’t sell gold plated chains. If the pendant is gold plated, the chain will remain 14k gold filled. We usually use dainty flat cable chains, rolo chains and some other chains for our chokers. All of our chains are made in the USA.

Types of engravings we do

We can engrave all types of words, letters, numbers & symbols on your jewelry piece, You can find more detailed information on each product page. Our smaller disc necklaces (3/8″) can be engraved with up to 3 characters, our coordinates necklaces can be done with bar necklaces or our bigger disc necklaces (1/2″).

Types of platings we do

We plate all our usual pendants with 14k gold and 2 micron of thickness. Everything else such as our bars and discs in their plated version (if available) is plated with 3 micron of thickness. Our Gold Filled jewelry is not plated, but rather consists of 5% 14k solid gold and have a thicker layer of gold than plated jewelry.

Quick FAQ

Can I add an extender to my chain?

Sure, follow this listing and add it to your cart:

Can my item arrive by specific date?

If you need it by specific date, we recommend express shipping, but we can’t guarantee it will arrive on time and we can’t take returns in case it misses your date.

Do you offer special pricing for wholesale and bulk orders?

Get in touch with our team and we’ll see what can be done. Contact us

Where can I see the fonts to engrave?

You can see font options in one of the pictures in each product page.

Can you gift box my item?

All of our pieces are gift boxed, ready for you to give it as a gift to your loved ones.