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Our disc necklaces is the first choice for people who want single, double, or triple letters engraved and you can even have multiple discs on one necklace. Here are few ideas … For example is it a best friend necklace gift? we can engrave using single disc: Disc 1: M ♥ N Or maybe you want to have two discs, in this case we can engrave: Disc 1: ♥ Disc 2: BFF Or we can even have triple discs: Disc 1: ♥ Disc 2: M Disc 3: BFF Are you looking to have a mother disc necklace? in this case we can engrave: Disc 1: ♥ Disc 2: Mom * Please note our heart will be open shape like this: ♡Expand »

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Initial Disc NecklaceGet yourself a disc necklace with a personalized initial letter or a 3 letter word. On the bigger discs you can insert more characters. Our initial disc necklaces are custom made on your request, righ ...

You could, but it’s not advised unless you bought the 14k Gold bar necklace / bracelet (Solid Gold). Our other bars are made from 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled or 925 Sterling Silver, it could still tarnish if came in contact with water. Since they are not plated jewelry, you could clean them up to bright shine them like new again.

Our rose gold personalized necklaces are made out of 14k Rose Gold Filled material & also we sell the 14k Solid Gold version as well, they are not plated with rose gold, but rather have a thicker layer of rose gold on top of a base brass material. The bonding is done with a machine pressure and the 14k rose gold consists 5% of the total weight of the item. We only plate our rose gold pendants with thick layer of gold.

We can engrave words, letters, numbers & dates, symbols (♡, paw), custom coordinates, roman numerals, and custom shapes / graphics, here are few examples:

Mom ♡
You’re Special ♡
E ♡ M
♡ June 3, 2017
34.647° N -92.448° W

Simple meaningful messages, but yet so powerful. Are you looking for something else? maybe a custom shape or logo? Send us a message!

By providing full range engraving service, so you can be assured you’ll be satisfied. Furthermore all of our jewelry is handmade, this is another layer we add to meet our customer satisfaction, expectations & quality of our products, we won’t compromise on less.

We can engrave a maximum of 3 characters on our smaller discs that we use in our silver & gold initial necklaces. These initial discs are 3/8″ wide causing a limit to the length of your engraving, decreasing the font size will make the text look too small.

Our bigger discs sized 1/2″ can have up to 6 characters and can fit longer words. An uppercase or lowercase initials doesn’t usually affect the character limit but there are exceptions. Thinner characters can make room for even four initials, especially if you have multiple occurrences of “i”, “I” or “l”.

If you have two or three initials you want to engrave you can go fine with our 3/8″ disc. For anything longer we suggest the option of a double initial necklace where we attach multiple discs to your chain. Your message can then be split between these two or three discs.

See the examples below how we can take longer engravings and shorten them:

03.12.2017 —> 3.12
Emma Loves Mike —> E ♡ M

See the examples below how we can use two or three discs to engrave your inscription:

Mom ♡ —> (Mom) (♡)
Erika ♡ John ♡ Mom —> (E) (J) (♡) (Mom)

Eventually it’s up to you which option to choose: to have a small and dainty single/multiple discs or a bigger disc and longer messages on your initial necklaces.