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Related Tags: Personalized NecklaceOur personalized necklace line is a perfect choice for people who want their jewelry personalized with names, letters, symbols, dates or coordinates. Keep your jewelry minimal, both short and long personalized inscriptions are possible to engrave. Our bar necklaces can have some longer personalized roman numerals or custom coordinates, while our discs can occupy single, double or triple initials on each disc and up to 4 discs on each necklace. All of our necklaces can be manufactured in Gold, Silver & Rose Gold colors.Initial NecklaceInitial necklace jewelry is a personalized type of jewelry where we engrave your desired initial on a Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled, Sterling Silver or a 14k Gold Discs. These discs come in various sizes, the smallest and most popular is 3/8" (9.5mm), the medium size one is 1/2", and the largest can come up to 16mm in diameter.Engraved NecklaceLetter M NecklaceWe can engrave your M Necklace, by using these small little discs. We can engrave all letters such as J Necklace, E Necklace, etc. We have 3 fonts you can choose from, regular fonts and script fonts are also available.Letter J NecklaceHave your letter J Necklace engraved on these beautiful discs, Other type of necklaces are also available such as M Necklace, E Necklace or other initial letters that we can engrave in these dainty discs.Double Initial NecklaceThe double initial necklace is a perfect choice to have a mom, couples or best friend necklace. Keep it sleek and minimal with two initials on your necklace, we can engrave these double initial where each initial has its own disc or have the two initials on a single disc necklace. You can also choose to engrave three initial necklace.Two Initial NecklaceOur two initial necklaces are made using two discs attached to a delicate chain, these discs come as 3/8" or 1/2" in diameter. The necklaces are available in 14k Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled, Sterling Silver or 14k Solid Gold. The two discs are dainty & delicate, but are also thick enough to actually feel them (22 gauge in thickness). We can engrave letters, numbers & symbols on these small discs.