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                Dangle Earrings

                Créoles Essentielles

                €37,00 €52,86

                Créoles classiques en pavé

                €37,00 €52,86

                Créoles Signature

                €70,00 €100,00

                Petits clous d'oreilles étoile et lune

                €37,00 €52,86

                Boucles d'oreilles en forme de cœur

                €37,00 €52,86

                Clous d'oreilles en cristal Marquise

                €37,00 €52,86

                Boucles d'oreilles à barrettes

                €37,00 €52,86

                Créoles en croix classiques

                €53,00 €75,72

                Créoles Zoé

                €44,00 €62,86
                Why Choose Dangle Earrings?

                Pearl drop earrings embody elegance. They frame the face, illuminating it with a soft, natural luster. Perfect for formal attire, they subtly enhance beauty without overshadowing the wearer's inherent charm. Pearls symbolize sophistication, seamlessly fitting with Monday Monarch's ethos of timeless appeal.

                Crystal Drops: A Sparkling Statement

                Crystal drop earrings stand out for their radiant sparkle, making every moment a statement. Whether at a gala or a simple dinner, they catch the light, reflecting a spectrum of colors. Matched with minimalist outfits, they add a touch of glamour, illustrating the blend of contemporary style with traditional grace.

                Unmatched Benefits

                Monday Monarch's dangle earrings, crafted with non-tarnish, quality gold plating, offer durability and a lasting shine. These pieces are not just accessories but a token of appreciation, perfect for gifting. Emphasizing comfort and attention to detail, they reflect caring for customers, allowing wearers to express their unique style.

                Styling for Every Occasion

                Pairing pearl or crystal drop earrings with clothing is an art. For a formal look, a sleek dress complements the pearls' understated beauty, while a bold crystal set pairs well with evening wear, making a confident statement. Hairstyles like updos or waves can accentuate these earrings, making them the centerpiece of your ensemble.

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